Lesbian Sapphy Chimettes

Lesbian Sapphy Chimettes

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Named after the ancient Greek poet Sappho, from the island of Lesbos, most famous for her ode to Aphrodite. She is a well known symbol in modern times of love and desire between women.

Born from the celebration of girls who love girls, the Sapphy Chimettes are a gloriously glossy, statement earring that champions lesbian love. Sapphy Chimettes feature little dancing pieces, made to move with you, in all the vibrant, sunset shades of the lesbian flag. Flaunt your sexuality and your style, with these comfortably lightweight, long-wearing, eye-catching jewels that are ready and raring to party with you this Pride (and every other day, too!). 

Never be afraid to show your true colors and make bold statements about who you are and who you love. After all, It’s too beautiful to be kept quiet!

Glossy Black Enamelled Steel top triangle with glossy pink, white and orange mirrored acrylic chimes.

Surgical steel hooks - Nickel free and lightweight

Measures: Approx 2 cm x 6 cm from top of triangle to lowest hanging chime.


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