Botanicals Vegan Felt Wide Brim Hat

Botanicals Vegan Felt Wide Brim Hat

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Introducing the Botanicals Vegan Felt Wide Brim Hat, a captivating accessory that seamlessly marries style and sustainability. Crafted from durable vegan felt, each hat is meticulously designed and produced to ensure longevity and comfort.

Embrace timeless elegance with the caramel hue of this hat, adorned with a striking dark brown print featuring intricate patterns of leaves and flowers radiating from the center atop the brim. With a generous 3.75" wide brim, this hat not only makes a fashion statement but also provides ample sun protection.

Versatile in design, the Botanicals Vegan Felt Wide Brim Hat boasts an adjustable size mechanism, accommodating a 23" circumference that can be effortlessly sized down for a perfect fit. Elevate your ensemble with the botanical charm of this hat, a true embodiment of nature-inspired style and eco-conscious craftsmanship.
Brand: Fox & Fable by Witchwood Bags

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